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About Us

Metalbestos is your source for metal roofing and siding in Sudbury and surrounding areas.


            Since 1994 Metalbestos Erectors has been one of the top suppliers of steel roofing and siding for Northern Ontario. With our quality products backed by 40 + year warranties, we have provided hundreds of quality roofs to our customers, and you could be next! Are you looking for a high quality roof? Virtually any roofing supplies that our customers may require are at your disposal. We also fabricate our customers trims in house for Sudbury and surrounding area to speed up the delivery process and there is a small turnaround time if a customer requires extra trims.

          We sell to customers all over Northern Ontario, complete roofing packages can be shipped direct from our supplier to you. So contact us today, we will work hard to bring you efficient, high quality service, and we can't wait to show you the benefits of steel roofing.



The Difference Steel Can Make

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